Fort Lauderdale Fishing

fort-lauderdale-fishingWhether you charter a boat or go on an inexpensive drift fishing trip – Ft. Lauderdale is considered one of the outstanding areas in the world for fishing. Warm Gulf stream waters in the Atlantic off Florida’s coastlines attract countless species and sports fish.

Right now as of December 2013, magnificent Sailfish and Dolphin (or Mahi Mahi) are biting with no indications of slowing down.

Sailfish are really biting like crazy off of Fort Lauderdale. November and December are South Florida’s best two months for sailfish. We’re catching sailfish either by trolling or by using live bait with kites.  Fishing with a kite for sailfish is the ideal and surefire effective way to catch one of these beauties – where we fly kites and dangle live bait. Barracuda and Kingfish too will actually launch out of the water for bait on the surface, jumping up and out of the water up to 15ft+ out of water. Expect this exciting sailfish action to be stable for the next 2 months. Keep in mind that anytime the temperature drops to the 70′s or cooler, Sailfish action spikes.

Dolphin are biting too, circling the reefs and biting in only about a 100 ft. of water or so. You really don’t have to go too far offshore to locate Mahi Mahi. They’re everywhere in November and December. Troll along any weed line or chase down seabirds that look like they’re trailing schools of fish.

Of course, there’s other fish biting this season – small to medium sized Blackfin Tunas, kingfish and even big game sharks like Hammerheads are taking bait. November and December is actually a great couple of months for fishing off of Fort Lauderdale. Rough autumn waters may intimidate you, but this is actually an ideal time when fishing here is truly phenomenal. You see – rough seas also means less boats are out there fishing and competing.

Wahoo have been biting too and average around 20 pounds. It’s been said that they, “bite best on a fast trolled lure.” Blackfin tuna and Skipjack Tuna are biting pretty well on the reef with feather lures or small streamline lures. Also, Amberjacks and Snappers love to hang around Ft. Lauderdale’s any shipwrecks as far down as 200 feet deep.

Night fishing is also great off of Ft Lauderdale – Snapper, Grouper and various shark species can be active at night and many local charters will take you out whenever you’d prefer. Triggerfish, Grunts, jacks, squirrelfish, porgies and just about any marine life that lives on the bottom can be caught night anchor fishing.